IN THE NEWS: 'Salween Stories:' Mae Sam Laep, Thailand

Every month Salween Stories launches a new set of stories from a town or region on the Salween River Basin. This month they take us to Mae Sam Laep, home to a large number of Myanmar refugees and home to a diverse array of ethnic groups from all over the region. 

Mae Sap collage.jpg

Mae Sam Laep is located near to the Salween National Park and the Salween Wildlife Sanctuary, and was once a site of a booming timber industry. A long-time trading site, with the village established at least as early as the 1960s, it is now a place where tourists can start their journey along the Salween River, and for surrounding residents a point of departure to travel up and downstream, to Tha Ta Fang or Sob Moei villages, for instance. 

Please visit the Salween Stories website to discover more about the local history and customs at Mae Sam Laep village, home to a unique Lawa legend. The video below offers a peek into the full video, which can be viewed here.