IN THE NEWS: 'Salween Stories:' Hpa-an, Myanmar

Every month Salween Stories launches a new set of stories from a town or region in the Salween River Basin. This month they take us to Hpa-an, Myanmar to discover local customs, changing lands and a local myth about a frog and a magical naga (snake). 

Hpa-an town sits alongside the Salween River in the southeastern part of Myanmar. It is the capital city of Karen (Kayin) State, and home to over 400,000 people who are mostly Karen ethnicity. Surrounding the town are numerous limestone karst mountains, within some of which are located sacred caves and temples. These same mountains, however, have also attracted the mining industry, who view them as raw materials for cement production.

We invite you to visit Salween Stories to discover more about the local history and customs located along the river and we invite you to watch the video below to learn more about Daw Lar Lake and the fishing communities living there.