Zhong Mei
Engendering Analysis: A case study of Women's job opportunities in the reservoir resettlement area of Yunnan Hydropower Station

Zhong Mei is pursuing her MA at Yunnan University at the Greater Mekong Sub-Region Study Center.  She will continue her research on the Nu River, looking at the local impacts of resettlement due to reservoir creation in Yunnan Province, especially on women’s job opportunities.


Women’s Empowerment in Civil Society on the Nu/Salween: A Comparative Study of China and Thailand

Hannah received her BA at Oberlin College and her MA at the London School of Economics.  She is the co-founder of a youth empowerment and peacebuilding network in Thailand and Myanmar.  She is interested in understanding the role of women in civil society organizations in the Salween region. She will study under what conditions civil society groups are able to achieve gender justice and equality, and where any opportunities for any cross-border learning and information sharing may exist.



K.B. Roberts
Forest Governance in the Nu-Thanlwin-Salween River Basin

Roberts is a PhD candidate in Canada and researches natural resource governance along the Salween River. 


Hnin Wut Yee
Gender Equity and Social Justice: Rights of marginalized ethnic women in Salween Basin affected by development projects
Hnin Wut Yee graduated from University of Sydney with a MA in Human Rights and Democratization.  She is interested in development and gender, with a specific focus on social justice.  Looking at existing projects, she will research how they inhibit or enable women's access to resources as well as how the legal system inhibits or enables women’s livelihoods, especially in the context of the impending peace negotiations on the Salween River.

kyuw tu han.jpg

Kyuw Tu Han
The Study on the Impact of Large Scale Dams on the Women working in the Agriculture sector

Kyuw Thu Han is a freelance researcher and translator living in Yangon.  He received an Environmental Policy Diploma from Open University in the UK.  He is interested in gender and social justice and plans to focus his research on the impact of dam construction on the livelihoods of women in agriculture.


Peter Xie

Peter's work focuses on improving the environmental and social performance of transnational investment in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) through promoting legal standards and incentives for responsible business practices. He also works as a research fellow and consultant in examining issues related to natural resources governance, conflict-sensitive business practices and social/environmental safeguards policy of financial institutions, and conducts community-based research in Cambodia and Myanmar.

huang ya ping.jpg

Huang Ya Ping
Chinese Hydropower Construction: Lisu Women’s Trans-provincial Migrations From Nujiang—From the female perspective on Government Decision-making and Public Participation

Huang Yaping studied at Ho Hai Univeristy in Nanjing and received her PhD from Wuhai University in 2012 in International Law with an emphasis on private and international water law.  She currently conducts research and teaches law at Hohai University.  She will apply her law background to study the impacts of hydropower construction on women’s livelihoods, job opportunities, and marital status.  Her goal is to empower women, especially for those relocated by construction on the Nu River.




Dr. Cherry Aung
An investigation on the potential threats to fishery resources and the socio-economic implication for fishery communities in the Thanlwin River Estuary

Dr. Cherry Aung is a Lecturer in the Marine Science Department at Mawlamyine University, Mon State, Myanmar. She has expertise in corals and benthic animals in the costal zones of Myanmar.


Dr. Khin Sandar Aye
A geographical analysis on the impact of land cover changes on the socio-economic condition of Bawlakhe district, Kayah State, Myanmar.

Dr. Khin Sandar Aye is a Professor in the Geography Department of Loikaw University, Kayah State, Myanmar.


Dr. Mar Mar Aye
An ethnobotanical Study on some plants growing in the Thanlwin river Regions of Lashio area

Dr Mar Mar Aye is a Professor in the Botany Department of Lashio University, Northern Shan State, Myanmar.


Saw John Bright

Saw John Bright is the Water Governance Coordinator for the Karen Environmental and Social Action Network (KESAN).  He has worked with KESAN since 2010.  He studied International Environmental Policy at the Open University (UK), with support from the British government’s Chevening scholarship program.   He also was an active member of the organizing team for the National Dialogue on Water Resource Management and Climate Change Adaptation, and the founder and active member of the Karen Environmental Network.


Nang Shining

Nang Shining is a professional in the field of peacebuilding and environmental management from Shan State, Myanmar. She has a Master of Arts in International Development Studies from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, a second Master degree in the field of Sustainable Natural Resources Management from the University for Peace, Costa Rica, and a third Master degree in the field of  Global Politics at Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines. She is a founder of Mong Pan Youth Association and a co-founder of Weaving Bonds Across Borders, based in Mong Pan, Southern Shan State, Myanmar.