Book Chapter: Design Thinking Approaches to MA Internships

Publication Date:
1 October 2016

Rethinking Development Studies in Southeast Asia: State of Knowledge and Challenges

Dr. Carl Middleton

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New ways of thinking about and tackling poverty are needed. One approach that has been proposed is innovation for inclusive development (IID), which has been defined as “innovation that reduces poverty and enables all groups of people, especially the poor and marginalized to participate in decision making, create and actualize opportunities, and equitably share in the benefits of development” (IDRC, 2013:5). This book chapter maps out approaches towards and the relationship between inclusiveness, innovation and development, and introduces a new Master-level module titled “Principles, Tools and Practices for Innovation for Inclusive Development (IID) in Southeast Asia” being taught on the MA in International Development Studies Program, Chulalongkorn University.