BOOK: Challenges To Human Security In A Borderless World

Challenges To Human Security In A Borderless World

Surichai Wun'gaeo





This book is a collection of papers presented at the international symposium on Human Security chaired by Amartya Sen and Sadako Ogata. More than 700 participants attended the symposium held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok on 11th December 2002. The participants came not only from different parts of the world but also diverse background:

Politicians, researchers, UN staff, government officials, students, journalists and grassroots participants (displaces people, rural villagers, ethnic minority, slum dwelling people, and laborers.) Also, many NGO was there, including local (for example from Thailand NGO-COD and from India CREDITTE), regional organizations (Forum-Asia, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD), FOCUS and SEA Rivers Network) as well as global organizations.

This symposium was a place for participants to exchange and express new and challenging ideas and perspectives on the issues of human security, especially in the Southeast Asian Region.

Human security is not an isolated concept but interacts and relates to issues and concepts of democracy, sustainable development, human rights, good governance (freedom from corruptions, ETC) and peace. At the symposium, the issues are addressed human security for the most marginalized and vulnerable groups, people who are the victims (or objects) of power.

As an organizer of this project, we would like to thank the organizers; commission on human security at Chulalongkorn University, co-organizers; the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand, Asian Institute of Technology, Health System Research Institute, Community Organizations Development Institute, Forum-Asia Foundation and NGO Coordination Committee on development, and co-sponsors; Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, ActionAid Asia, and Thai Health Promotion Foundation, and also thank all the staff worked on this, and all the participants of the symposium.

Finally, the editor would like to express warmest words of thanks to the following for editorial assistance; Dr. Tony Doulman - formerly a visiting scholar at the faculty, Mr. Surasom Krisnachuta - of Chiangmai and Ubonratchatani Universities, Ms. Sumie Arima, and Ms. Pinwadee Srisupun.