IDDS Sisaket will be a three-week summit that explores the intersection of rural-urban migration, progressive agrarian communities, and emerging innovation economies.

It will bring together 30 participants from Thailand, across the Mekong Region and around the globe to work on six projects with a local organic farming organization and various community members. In addition, IDDS Sisaket presents participants with an opportunity to critically learn, examine, and design with social innovators and communities that are working toward sustainable livelihoods and economies in the provinces of the Isaan Plateau of Thailand. 

IDDS Sisaket is part of a series of summits supported by the International Development Innovation Network (IDIN). This summit’s goal is to create space for courage, impact, and intentional approaches through co-creation and human-centered design. Within this space, participants, organizers, and community members will be able to foster the development of low-cost technologies, the creation of innovation through diverse perspectives, and the understanding of interdependency and complexities of sustainable development.