Innovation for Inclusive Development

Innovation for Inclusive Development, or IID, is defined by the Universities and Councils Network on Innovation for Inclusive Development in Southeast Asia (UNIID-SEA)as "innovation that reduces poverty, and enables all groups of people, especially the poor and vulnerable, to participate in decision-making, create and actualize opportunities, and share the benefits of development.”

Innovation for Inclusive Development at the Center for Social Development Studies strives to combine international development studies with inclusive design research methodologies in order to make policy recommendations and create sustainable solutions with grassroots communities. We do this through groundbreaking multicultural and international partnerships across grassroots communities, civil society organizations,  academia, government, and the private sector. 

Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design & Co-Creation

The core of our research and action is grounded in design methodologies utilized in partnership with all relevant stakeholders. With our field and research expertise in Asia-Pacific, we draw from several schools of design to create a methodology that is grounded in the context of the communities that we work with.

This methodology allows us a clearer and deeper understanding of the challenges that grassroots communities face. It allows our team to address these challenges with accuracy and efficiency while developing stronger relationships with our stakeholders. The results of these methods allow our team to make more relevant policy recommendations.

Students studying IID in the Master of Arts in International Development Studies Program, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University actively engage these methods in their courses.

Technology Development

Our research drives meaningful action and social impact in our communities while providing lessons and data to inform the larger picture of international development.

This means that our team has a hand in facilitating the research, design, and development of new technologies, including services, products, and human resources for sustainable development.