UPCOMING INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE:"Sophia Symposium - Global Water Security and the SDGs: Japan’s Role at Home and Abroad" [Tokyo, 9 January 2019]

Sophia Symposium Global Water Security and the SDGs: Japan’s Role at Home and Abroad

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, January 9, 2019

Carl Middleton from CSDS and Wipawadee Panyangnoi, recipient of Center of Excellence in Resource Politics for Social Development: Student Research Grants 2018, will be presenting on this event. These presentations build on our collaboration with Dr. Takeshi Ito of Sophia University on Connecting Thailand’s and Japan’s water security.

First Panel: Water security in the context of East Asian Regional Economic integration (11:10am-12:40pm)

  • Future Directions on Global Water Security and the Role of Virtual Water Trade, Jaap Feil (Water Footprint Network)

  • Are River Basin Closures in Japan and Thailand Teleconnected: A Relational Political Economy of International Aid, Investment and (Virtual Water) Trade, Takeshi Ito (Sophia University) and Carl Middleton (Chulalongkorn University)

Third Panel: Regional Dynamics of Virtual Water Trade in Asia: A political economic turn in water security? (3:45-5:15pm)

  • Cross-boundary Practices on Water Governance in Asia: How Can We Secure ‘Our Water' in and Beyond Boundaries?, Kenji Otsuka (JETRO-IDE)

  • Industrialization and Water Quality in Rayong Province, Thailand: Are International, National and Local Water Management Strategies Complimentary or Contesting, Wipawadee Panyangnoi (Chulalongkorn University)

See the full final program here.

For more information about this event, please contact Takeshi Ito at takeshi.ito@sophia.ac.jp

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